Additional functional modules for complementing Wonderware software

Alarm Extension Pack for Wonderware Application Server

Alarm Extension Pack is an add-on for Wonderware Application Server alarming system, providing additional functionality to avoid alarm loss in high loaded systems, filtering and setting the alarm/event Priorities, support of alarm/event custom attributes and additional properties, own Alarm DB Logger, connection to UReason alarming system and other useful functions.

Product Code: PR00185

Automation Intelligence Suite

Automation Intelligence Suite for Wonderware System Platfom is a set of tools that allows you to implement advanced functions/features in your Wonderware System Platform solution in a fast implementation time by using reliable tested standard components for a mainteinable / upgradable solution. Built on industry standards (WCF, XML,…) and with its reusable solution accelerators approach, you can add functions like operator logbooks, recipe management, production logging, traciability, work order management, extended alarm management, mobile network communication, in hours instead of days.

Product Codes:




Alarm timestamps from PLCs – CL Server/Client application

CL Server/Client (Composite Layer Server/Client) application is a Microsoft Windows 32-bit application program that acts as a communication gateway and allows other Windows application programs to access to alarm/event timestamping data from following Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs): Siemens S7, Allen-Bradley Control Logix, Modicon TSX Quantum and TSX Premium and Omron CS1. The CL Server/Client correspondingly uses Wonderware SIDirect DAServer (DASSIDIRECT), Wonderware ABCIP DAServer (DASABCIP), Wonderware MBTCP DAServer (DASMBTCP) or Klinkmann Omron Ethernet Direct DAServer (DASOmronEth) for communication with these PLCs.

Product Code: DR52010


OPCAELINK Gateway is a software gateway between OPC Alarm & Event (A&E) Servers and Wonderware Distributed Alarm System.

Product Code: PR11510

OPC Array Extractor

OPC Array Extractor enables the providing of OPC array data to Wonderware SuiteLink and DDE Clients.

Product Code:

FTP Client Object for Wonderware Application Server

The purpose of FTP Client Object for Wonderware Application Server is enable the downloading and uploading of files from/to FTP server.

Product Code: PR00175